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Wild Nordic Nature

Here in Finland, we consider nature and silence very special. It’s a country where you can experience vast wilderness forests; the thousands of islands and islets that make up the archipelago off the Baltic coast; the magic of the Lapland; wild animals and hundreds of thousands of crystal clear lakes.
In Finland, nature gives us the chance to enjoy different activities all year around. Every season brings different colours and light, which means that photographers will be in their element. In mid-summer, you can experience endless days and enjoy the silence of the midnight sun. In the winter time, experience continuous darkness, snow and the spectacle that is the Northern lights. In the snowy forests of the north, there are opportunities to see bears, moose, wolves and other large mammals – an unforgettable experience. These pristine forest habitats are full of wild food, such as game, berries, mushrooms and herbs. During the winter months, you can ski or try your hand at snowshoeing. The frozen lakes and sea offer opportunities for ice skating and ice fishing. Made up of 40,000 islands, the Baltic Sea archipelago is the largest in Europe and also a National Park. It’s the perfect spot for fishing, camping, hiking, biking and kayaking.

Jaana Mälkki
Wild Nordic Nature, managing director
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Wild Nordic Nature


Jaana Mälkki, CEO
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