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Kayaking Islet to Island

Guided kayaking safari in the Baltic Sea National park

Kayaking is one of the best ways to enjoy midsummer in Finland and enables you to get up close to some of the country’s wonderful wildlife. In the wilderness of the Bothinan Sea National Park, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

This trip will enable you to experience kayaking, fishing, hiking, barbecues and camping out in tents on the wilderness islands under the northern lights.

The diversity of the landscape is unbelievable; it’s an area formed by the natural process of glacial uplifting, which makes it very special and unique. The landscape is made up of rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, river deltas and more.

There will be opportunities to enjoy a relaxing Finnish sauna and swim in the Baltic Sea - something that Finnish people love to do.

The National Park is the perfect place for nature lovers – it’s the best area in Finland for bird watching. Migration routes for many different species cross over this area of coastline, which is bordered by Nordic Taiga forest. The islands are dotted with beautiful wildflowers.

Tour highlightThe chance to visit the National Park, enjoy the silence, camp and immerse yourself in nature
PlaceWestern Finland, Satakunta region
Nearest airportHelsinki (Public transport 4 hours), Tampere (2 hours), Turku (2,5 hours)
DurationFour nights and five days, covering a total distance of 60km (10 to 14 kilometeres per day)
DifficultyEasy, but you will need some previous kayaking experience. There are no rapids but, depending on the weather, there might be some wind and waves
SeasonJuly to August
Guaranteed departure14.-19.08.2018
Group sizeTwo to ten people
LanguagesEnglish - it will be an international group
Price1100€ per person
AccomodationYou will be camping on the wilderness islands, so please bring your own tent and other camping equipment with you.
MealsAll meals are included - almost all lunches and dinners will be cooked over an open fire by the group using fresh, local, wild food, such as mushrooms and berries, and fish that we catch. Your guide is specialist in wild food, herbs, berries, mushrooms, fishing and foraging
SupplementsTents can be hired, if required
Including- An experienced guide will accompany you throughout the safari

- Kayaks, lifejackets and paddles

- All meals

- Three sauna nights on the different islands
ExcludesTowels, sleeping bags, tents


Day Arrival

Chek in to the hotel

Free time
Day 1 Reposaari to Tynnyrikari 14 km
Time for shopping (food), packing the kayaks, safety instructions and lunch before we set off.

We’ll then kayak to the first island, where will make our camp and cook dinner over an open fire. There will be time for hiking and fishing on this beautiful island in the National Park.

Tynnyrikari is the base camp for the local boating association and offers guests the option of experiencing a traditional Finnish sauna, as well as swimming.

Day 2 Tynnyrikari to Reveli 13 km
The first couple of days will be spent in the river delta area before we head north.

You will notice the changing landscapes, and different flora and fauna, that are the result of the glacial uplifting along this stretch of coastline, the effects of which are still being felt.

We’ll have lunch on Yrjönkari island and will camp overnight on Reveli island, which is great spot for birdwatching.

Day 3 Reveli to Ouraluoto 13 km

On the way, we’ll stop at a rocky island - either Masperi or Pitkäkari -for lunch before continuing to Kaddi, an old fishermens’ island.

Today, there is still one working fisherman there. We’ll stay overnight on Ouraluoto island, which is old pilot station, where you can take a sauna and go for a swim.
Day 4 Ouraluoto to Hajula 10 km

On the way to Juhela island, we will visit several beautiful islands.

We’ll have lunch on Hamskeri island or Hajula island, where we will camp and enjoy a barbecue dinner and sauna in the evening.
Day 5 Hajula to Merikarvia 10 km

Today we will return day to the mainland, but before our arrival there is time for lunch on the beautiful outer island.

Our trip will end at around 5pm.
We reserve the right to make changes to the outdoor programme,
depending on the weather conditions and the time of year.
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+358 40 734 6696

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