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Outdoor combi

A great combination of different outdoor activities and experiences surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature. In the wilderness, you can enjoy landscape though the woods and other views in a adventure railway; experience hiking in a protected Finnish bog area; camp in the tents next to the river; canoe down the wilderness river; go cycling on the forest’s sand roads; go kayaking on the lake, stay overnight in tentsiles and go fishing on the islands.

During your trip, you can also explore Finnish culture. Your hotel and its furnishings have been designed by the most famous architecht in Finland, Alvar Aalto. In our woods, you will see and hear more about the different periods in the history of our forests – the adventure railway is one part of this. On the island, around the lake you can see typical Finnish summer houses and live in one, like Finnish people do.

During this trip, you can relax in our pure and peaceful natural environment. The forest gives you therapy in many ways. You will never forget these magical Nordic nights, which are accompanied by the sound of traditional shamanism drumming. We will cook our food on an open fire and use pure, wild food, including berries, herbs, fish, game and mushrooms. The Finnish sauna is a healthy, unique and authentic experience.

This trip is extremely environmental-friendly and leaves no impact on the natural environment. All of the activities are powered by us humans; there is no use of motors or gasolines. In between the different activities, there are no transfers by car or any other motor vehicles. Most of the food is made on an open fire using wild or local ingredients.

The duration of the trip can be five or seven days – it’s up to you.

Tour highlightsmulti-activities: adventure railway, hiking, canoeing, cycling,kayaking, fishing, relaxation, sauna, swimming, wild food, mythology, nature therapy.
PlaceWestern Finland, Pori-Noormarkku
Nearest airportsHelsinki (Public transport from Helsinki 4 hours), Tampere (2 hours), Turku (2,5 hours), Pori (15km)
DurationFour nights or six nights
DifficultiesEasy for someone with reasonable fitness levels.
SeasonMay to September
Guaranteed departures7 days trip 25 June to 1 July 2018

5 days trip 25 June to 29 June 2018
Group size4-14 persons
LanguagesEnglish, it will be an international group
Price7 days 1290€ per person

5 days 790€ per person
AccomodationIn twin rooms and douple tents
MealsAll meals are included in price, and most will be prepared and cooked together over an open fire. Meals during your free time are not included.
Included in the price- Accommodation. (7 days trip = 2 hotels+ 1 tent +1 cabin). (5 days trip= 3 hotels+ 1 tent+1 tentsile+1 cabin).

- Meals

- Experienced guides

- A guided tour of an area known for its iron works and Alvar Aalto

- All equipment needed for guided activities

- Guided trips for activities: adventure railway, hiking, canoeing, cycling, hiking, fishing, sauna, foraging for berries and mushroom, outdoor cooking

- An introduction to traditional uses for Finnish herbs
ExcludedPlease bring your own outdoor clothing and sleeping bags


Day 1 Arrival
EveningTransfer from Pori to Noormarkku

Dinner in hotel
Day 2 Adventure railway
MorningBreakfast in hotel. After the breakfast we`ll go Adventure railway. On the way to the railcars, there will be a guided tour of the Ahlström area. This historic area is known for its iron works and boasts impressive examples of Finnish architecture, including beautiful buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, Finland’s best known architect.
MiddayLunch in the railway cottage
EveningDinner and Sauna
Breakfast in the Ahlström hotel. After breakfast we will go from Noormarkku to Pomarkku by adventure railways. Its unique and only one in Finland. We will go 14 km and takes about 1,5 hours. Pack all the clothes and things you will need during two nights.
We will arrive to the railway´s cabin hostel and cook lunch there. In the evening there is a opportunity to play disc golf and have a sauna before dinner.

The railway hostel has five big rooms, a kitchen,a sauna, toilets and showers. Each room has several in it, with ten beds in all, but extra beds can be provided.

Day 3 Hiking
MorningBreakfast in hostel. After breakfast we will take all our belongings and hike to river. We will hike through protected bog are and see different types bog habitat. Sometimes the bog is so wet that we need to walk on the duckboards.
MiddayPacked lunch provided.
AfternoonOur walk continues through the forest to the river. On the river bank we will find nice lean-to and make our camp there. We will sleep in the double tents.
Eveningdinner will be cooked outdoors over an open fire
After breakfast in a railway cabin, we start to hike to the river. We will walk 11km through bog and forest areas. On the way we will eat our packed lunches. On the riverside, there is lean-to with an open fireplace. Before going to sleep in our tents, we will cook dinner over the open fire. The tents are double ones.

Day 4 Canoeing
MorningOpen fire breakfast at our camping place. After breakfast, we will pack our tents and all our belongings and start to canoe down to the river back to the hotel. Its about 14 km and will take between two and three hours.
MiddayLunch will be cooked over an open fire.
AfternoonCheck in to the hotel and enjoy some free time.
EveningDinner in hotel
After sleeping next the wilderness river, we will canoe back to hotel. The river Noormarkunjoki is slow. There are some small rapids which are easy to go. In the afternoon there is free time to relax and enjoy the culture area of the Finnish forest. You can visit Villa Mairea or Voyage exhibition for example.

Day 5 Bicycle / Departure
MorningAfter breakfast in the hotel, we will cycle to the lake- a distance of 10km. After that, we will kayak to the island on the lake.
Middayoutdoor cooking over an open fire
AfternoonFishing , Finnish- style
EveningAn evening of Finnish mythology on the island, with dinner.
We will cycle from the hotel to the lake (a distance of 10km) along a small forest road. This takes about one hour.
We will kayak to the island – a distance of 4km, which will take about takes one hour. On the island, we will fish and discover how Finnish people live during the summer.
In the evening, we will cook our fish over an open fire. Before spending the night in tentsiles suspended between the trees, there’s a chance to spend time marvelling at the mystical, midsummer night sun as you sit beside an open fire and listen to stories from Finnish folklore and the sound of traditional shamanism drumming. Please see the photo of the tentsiles billow.

Day 6 Kayaking
MorningBreakfast on the island. Kayaking around the lake.
MiddayLunch cooked outdoors over an open fire.
AfternoonCycling back to hotel. Check in.
EveningFree evening

After breakfast, we will kayak around the lake. On the lake you will see typical Finnish summerhouses, which is where Finnish people live during the summer months. The kayaking trip is about 10km and we will then cycle 10km back to the hotel. In the evening, you are free to explore the town of Pori.

Day 7 Departure
MorningBreakfast in hotel and transfer from Noormarkku to Pori

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