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Well-being Magic

A relaxing, guided trip that will familiarise you with traditional Finnish life

Take a break from hectic pace of modern life and immerse yourself in Finnish nature, easing your stresses away. Explore Finnish forests and the beautiful Baltic coast, enjoy traditional Finnish saunas and eat pure, fresh, healthy, wild food. During this trip, you can fish, row, kayak, practice Nordic walking, enjoy saunas and swim in and around beautiful archipelago off the western coast of Finland.

Delight in the pristine natural environment and experience the magical sound of silence. Finland’s Nordic Taiga forests are full of wild food and, during this trip, you will forage for seasonal wild berries, mushrooms and herbs before cooking them over an open fire.

Along the way, you’ll learn about Finnish mythology and sauna traditions.

First days you will live in the historical iron work area which is also famous of Alvar Aalto architect. Next days you will live in the island of Luvia, which is a part of the National Park of the Bothnian Sea.

Tour highlightsRelaxation, saunas, swimming, kayaking, wild food, mythology, time in the forest, nature therapy
PlaceWestern Finland
Nearest airportHelsinki (Public transport from Helsinki 4 hours), Tampere (2 hours), Turku (2,5 hours)
DurationFive nights, four days
DifficultiesEasy, you don’t need any previous experience or specialist skills
SeasonJune to September
Guaranteed departures31 July to 5 August 2018
Group size2-16 persons
LanguagesEnglish, it will be an international group
Price1910€ per person
AccomodationIn twin rooms
MealsAll meals are included in price, and most will be prepared and cooked together over an open fire
Included in the price- Accommodation

- Meals

- Experienced guides

- A guided tour of an area known for its iron works and Alvar Aalto

- Boat trips

- All equipment needed for guided activities

- Guided trips fot forage for Berry and mushroom, Fishing, Rowing, Saunas, Kayaking, Nordic walking

- A kayaking course

- An introduction to traditional uses for Finnish herbs
ExcludedPlease bring your own outdoor clothing


Day Arrival - Historical iron work area
Evening8 pm Dinner
Day 1 Forest - Foraging for forests fruits
MorningA guided tour of the Ahlström area. This historic area is known for its iron works and boasts impressive examples of Finnish architecture, including beautiful buildings designed by Alvar Aalto, Finland’s best known architect.
MiddayLunch at the Club house
AfternoonForaging for berries, mushrooms and other wild food, depending on the season.
EveningWe’ll spend the evening in a traditional Lappish-style tee-pee, where we will cook wild food over an open fire, and learn about traditional healing and Finnish mythology.
Research tells us about the many benefits of immersing ourselves in nature and spending time in the forest.

More than 70 per cent of Finland is covered in forest, making it the world’s most forested country. Its forests are large, well cared for and peaceful places for everyone to enjoy.

Finnish people place great importance on their freedom to roam, which ensures that everyone can wander, pick berries and mushrooms, fish and camp in the forests for free.

Enjoy a peaceful wander in the forest, allowing it to fill you with peace and silence. Take a little break and lay down on the moss to relax. It will reduce your blood pressure and give you peace of both mind and body.

You can pick herbs, berries and mushrooms - the fresh, clean and powerful fruits of the forest.
Day 2 Island- Boat trip and Traditional Finnish Sauna
MorningWe will travel from Noormarkku to the seaside village of Luvia.

Boat trip from Laitakari harbour to the island of Ryöväskeri, where we will stay in an old marine guard’s station

Check-in old marine guard's station.
AfternoonPreparing lunch, eating and cleaning up afterwards.

Free time to enjoy rowing.
EveningSwim, enjoy a traditional chimnyless sauna and learn how to make a traditional Finnish sauna whisk from birch branches.

Sauna whisks are great for boosting your circulation and enhancing the effects of a sauna.

We’ll cook supper over an open fire.
Finland is also the land of lakes and islands; there are more than 180,000 lakes and almost as many islands.

Cottage life is an important part of Finnish culture and the best way to experience it is to spend time by the water, ideally on an island.

Cottage life is leisurely; it enables you to experience peace, silence and be surrounded by nature. At their summer cottages, Finnish people love to fish, row, go to the sauna and swim.

Saunas are the perfect place to relax and purify body and mind.

Day 3 Island- Kayaking, Fishing and herbal bath

Learn the basics of kayaking on a course led by professional guides.
MiddayPreparing lunch, eating and cleaning up afterwards.
EveningSauna and herbal bath made from wild herbs

A supper of smoked fish, using our catch from earlier in the day.
Kayaking will enable you to get closer to nature and see the coastline from an entirely new perspective. Feel the gentle movements of the waves and enjoy the opportunity to get closer to birds and animals (because there’s no motor so you won’t make a sound as you approach).

Kayaking takes place in the Bothnian Sea National Park, an absolutely stunning environment. There’s a wide variety of wildlife, as well as lush forests, rocky shorelines, smooth rock islets and small sandy beaches.

Smoked fish is something that Finns love to eat and the waterways are crystal clear, ensuring that the fish you catch for supper is fresh, healthy and delicious.

Under the midnight sun, you can see nature in all its glory around the clock - a truly magical experience!

Day 4 Nordic Walking, wildherb class and herbal sauna

Explore the rugged beaty of the archipelago of Bothnian Sea by kayak. If you’re lucky, you will see all kinds of seabirds, including white tailed eagles, and seals.
NoonLunch will be cooked over an open fire.
AfternoonNordic Walking trip around the island picking wild herbs and learning about their uses.
EveningEnjoy a traditional Finnish herbal sauna using herbs picked earlier in the day

Dinner will be cooked over an open fire.
Beautiful Nordic nature provides us with versatile and healthy food.

Many common plants can make a delicious and healthy addition to your meals. Wild herbs have been used for their medicinal benefits through the centuries.

They’re also used in the sauna to enhance the experience and benefit your skin.

You can also harness the power of herbs in the sauna, making your sauna experience even more authentic and effective.
Day 5 Departure

We reserve the right to make changes to the outdoor programmes,
depending on the weather and the time of year.
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