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Wildlife Triangle

Watch and photograph Finland’s Big Three

In the vast, unspoilt wilderness of Eastern Finland, there are exciting opportunities to see bears, wolves and - less well known but equally stunning - wolverines. Although they resemble a small bear, wolverines are actually the largest member of the weasel family.
This is a rare chance to observe these magnificent carnivores in their natural environment, without disturbing them. You can observe these beautiful creatures from the safety of purpose-built cabins designed to blend into their surroundings, watching them eat, hunt and go about their daily lives. You’ll also see a variety of other wild birds and mammals. These stunning forests are largely untouched by man; enjoy the silence and make the most of the unique opportunities to photograph Finland’s big three.

Tour highlightsLarge carnivores, pristine wilderness, animal observation and blissful silence.
PlaceFinland, Kainuu
Nearest airportKajaani
Airport transferIncluded
DurationThree nights - four days
DifficultyEasy. This trip is suitable for observers and photographers
Group sizeFour to eight persons
LanguagesEnglish. You’ll be part of an international group
Price1650€ per person
SeasonMay to September
On Request16 to 22 May, 2016
AccomodationTriple or more. There is no guarantee for twin rooms.
HidesOur hides have been carefully designed for photographing animals. Inside there's space for several cameras and for sleeping. Safety instructions and toilet are also provided
Included in the priceAirport transfers, accomondation at wildlife center, full board, guidance from local wilderness experts
ExcludedWarm clothes, wellington boots, hiking boots, outdoor clothing, sleeping bag, binoculars, a camera, a ball head/wimberley head, and torches/ head torches.


Day - Arrival
You will be picked up from Kajaani airport. Your transfer to the wilderness cabin takes approximately two hours.

When you’ve checked in, you will have some free time to familiarise yourself with Finnish nature and enjoy the silence.
Day 1

We head to the hide
In the afternoon, we will enter a hide and spend the night observing and photographing wolverines, bears, foxes, eagles and beavers. The wolverine is the largest animal in the weasel family; they are scavengers and quite rare.
The Finnish name for wolverine is Ahma, which means gobble in Finnish. The creature’s name comes from its eating habits.
Day 2

We head to the hide
After spending the night observing wildlife, there’s time to catch up on your sleep after breakfast.

Accommodation is provided in an old guard station close to Finland’s border with Russia. The hides are located on the border between Finland and Russia. In the afternoon, we will enter the hide and spend the evening watching bears. If we’re lucky, we will also see wolves and wolverines.

Bears are the biggest carnivores in the Europe. The largest males weigh as much as 400 kilogrammes. Bears are omnivores, but eat lots of vegetables and berries. They spend the winter months hibernating.

Day 3

Time to sleep

We head to the hide
We will spend a third night observing these fabulous animals. There is a chance you will also see moose, capercaillies and forest reindeers.
AfternoonTransport to the airport
After breakfast and catching up on sleep, you will be transported to the airport at Kajaani.
We reserve the right to make last-minute changes to the programme,
depending on the weather conditions and the time of year.
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Wild Nordic Nature


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