Here in Finland, we consider nature and silence very special. It’s a country where you can experience vast wilderness forests; the thousands of islands and islets that make up the archipelago off the Baltic coast; the magic of the Lapland; wild animals and hundreds of thousands of crystal clear lakes.

In Finland, nature gives us the chance to enjoy different activities all year around. Every season brings different colours and light, which means that photographers will be in their element. In mid-summer, you can experience endless days and enjoy the silence of the midnight sun. In the winter time, experience continuous darkness, snow and the spectacle that is the Northern lights. In the snowy forests of the north, there are opportunities to see bears, moose, wolves and other large mammals – an unforgettable experience. These pristine forest habitats are full of wild food, such as game, berries, mushrooms and herbs. During the winter months, you can ski or try your hand at snowshoeing. The frozen lakes and sea offer opportunities for ice skating and ice fishing. Made up of 40,000 islands, the Baltic Sea archipelago is the largest in Europe and also a National Park. It’s the perfect spot for fishing, camping, hiking, biking and kayaking.



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Bird Watching

Guided bird watching trip to the west coast of Finland


The Ooviiki tower offers great views of a sheltered bay, where swans and other waterfowl gather to rest during their migration. You’re likely to see geese, swans, ducks, scaup, coots, terns, gulls and much.

The Teemuluoto tower is located in the river delta and is a great place to see migrating birds. The area is a nesting site for a variety of wetland birds, but the broad leaf woodland habitat also attracts a variety of birds; particularly songbirds.

The Kaarluoto tower is a popular place to watch migrating birds. Birds come to the shallow waters and dune areas to feed and roost. It’s also important area for breeding waterfowl. The shallow bay is important area for nesting wildfowl.

The National Park of Puurijärvi and Isosuo was still under the sea 7000 years ago. After the ice age, the ground started to uplift and this process is still going on. What was once the seafloor is now an area punctuated by lakes, ponds and large bog areas.

Today, Puurijärvi is one of the largest wetland habitats in southern Finland and is home to a wide variety of birds and animals. Lake Puurijärvi is a significant resting area on bird migration routes. It’s possible to see swans, cranes, geese and lots of species of waterfowl. Species found in the area include the Osprey, Black Woodpecker, Eurasian Golden Plover, Common Crane and Whooper Swan.

The Isosuo bog is large raised bog created as part of the process of uplift. From the birdwatching tower you can see straight to the Ospreys’ nest. If you are lucky, you may spot the rare European beaver on the bog.

The Yyteri dunes area is part of the Bothnian Sea National Park. There are wooden platforms to walk one, enabling you to fully explore the magnificent Yyteri dunes and beach. It’s one of the best places in Finland to see wading birds, which congregate in their thousands. The season starts straight after the ice melts following the long winter and it lasts through to October.

Many species of birds breed in the area close to the bay. On their migration route, waterfowl and some of the predatory birds fly straight across the bay, whereas others follow the line of the forest.From the Hilska birdwatching tower, it’s possible to see the estuary of Kokemäenjoki river and across to the other side of the Baltic Sea. The tower is a great place to see ducks, gulls and terns.

Kallo is a good place to spot species from the open sea, such as Velvet Scoter, Black Scoter and Common Eiger.

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Eat Wild

Finland is known for its wildlife, wilderness forests and crystal clear rivers and lakes. Game, berries, mushrooms and wild herbs have a special taste because they grow in the Nordic Taiga forest under the midnight sun. On this trip, you will explore traditional Finnish cuisine and cook fantastic meals with chefs using fresh ingredients foraged from the wild. Every day there are different themes for cooking - fish, forest fruits, game animals and game birds. During the daytime, you’ll go on guided trips to forage for fruit in the forests, see game animals and catch fish. In the evenings, you’ll learn how to prepare these ingredients through a series of cookery classes. Your stay will be spent in a fascinating, historic area that was originally known for its ironwork industry and where you can see architecture designed by Alvar Aalto, the world famous Finnish architect.


Kayaking Islet to Island

Kayaking is one of the best ways to enjoy midsummer in Finland and enables you to get up close to some of the country’s wonderful wildlife. In the wilderness of the Bothinan Sea National Park, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.
This trip will enable you to experience kayaking, fishing, hiking, barbecues and camping out in tents on the wilderness islands under the northern lights.
The diversity of the landscape is unbelievable; it’s an area formed by the natural process of glacial uplifting, which makes it very special and unique. The landscape is made up of rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, river deltas and more.
There will be opportunities to enjoy a relaxing Finnish sauna and swim in the Baltic Sea - something that Finnish people love to do.
The National Park is the perfect place for nature lovers – it’s the best area in Finland for bird watching. Migration routes for many different species cross over this area of coastline, which is bordered by Nordic Taiga forest. The islands are dotted with beautiful wildflowers.


Outdoor Combi

A great combination of different outdoor activities and experiences surrounded by beautiful Finnish nature. In the wilderness, you can enjoy landscape though the woods and other views in a adventure railway; experience hiking in a protected Finnish bog area; camp in the tents next to the river; canoe down the wilderness river.
In our woods, you will see and hear more about the different periods in the history of our forests – the adventure railway is one part of this.
During this trip, you can relax in our pure and peaceful natural environment. The forest gives you therapy in many ways. You will never forget these magical Nordic nights, which are accompanied by the sound of traditional shamanism drumming. We will cook our food on an open fire and use pure, wild food, including berries, herbs, fish, game and mushrooms. The Finnish sauna is a healthy, unique and authentic experience.
This trip is extremely environmental-friendly and leaves no impact on the natural environment. All of the activities are powered by us humans; there is no use of motors or gasolines. In between the different activities, there are no transfers by car or any other motor vehicles. Most of the food is made on an open fire using wild or local ingredients.

The duration of the trip can be five days.


Well-being Magic

Take a break from hectic pace of modern life and immerse yourself in Finnish nature, easing your stresses away. Explore Finnish forests and the beautiful Baltic coast, enjoy traditional Finnish saunas and eat pure, fresh, healthy, wild food. During this trip, you can fish, row, enjoy swim in a beautiful wilderness lake.
Delight in the pristine natural environment and experience the magical sound of silence. Finland’s Nordic Taiga forests are full of wild food and, during this trip, you will forage for seasonal wild berries, mushrooms and herbs before cooking them over an open fire.
Along the way, you’ll learn about Finnish mythology, herb traditions, healty and well-being from the nature with natureguide and -terapist.







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